Just a reminder: The Herald Sun is contemptible bullshit not worth the paper it is printed on


Duncan Storrar the man who dared to ask a politician a question on national television has been faced with a targeted campaign by Murdoch media to tarnish his image and brand him a “villain” and is now on suicide watch as a result.

So what exactly happened? Duncan Storrar a man with a low education and disability works, for the minimum wage and asked Kelly O’Dwyer on Q&A about taxation. Duncan’s poignant question and rebuke to Ines Wilcox’s contempt for him started a twitter trend and a kickstarter campaign to help him buy a $6000 toaster.

Of course the Herald Sun can’t have any of that so they flew with this “story”on Friday:



What is this?

Is this ‘news‘? Funny when I was in university that considered ‘news worthy’ generally had to be within the public interest. Not just what the public may find interesting, but something that is within the interests of the public to know, I would assume because it helps the public make informed decisions about their lives.

This is not within the public interest. Knowing this man’s criminal history and welfare status (information that is not on the public record and must have been obtained illegally) does nothing to actually discredit his question on Q&A.

Damon Johnston the “editor” of the toilet paper with squiggles we call the Herald Sun argued that “if you’re going to be on the national stage in the middle of an election campaign…I think you’re entitled to be subject to a bit of scrutiny. It was all part of legitimate public debate,” to Jon Faine on ABC Radio.

Is it Damon? You have a platform, the backing of an international media conglomerate to expose the worst periods of this man’s life because he dared to ask questions that make you uncomfortable. Knowing this man is on welfare and pays no income tax does not mean he does not pay GST, a regressive tax. Knowing he has a criminal history does not mean his question is invalid.

Australian journalism surprisingly has a code of ethics of which one of its four pillars is “Respect for the rights of others,” and even has the clause “Respect private grief and personal privacy. Journalists have a right to resist compulsion to intrude,” emphasis addedWhere was your tabloid’s ethics when it chose to exercise power over someone powerless to respond?

The conservative newspaper loves to bang on about class warfare when it comes from the Greens or Labor but not when it comes from a fucking international conglomerate to bully, harass and expose a man’s worst chapters, bringing that man to the brink of suicide. That is class warfare, Newscorp may call it a ‘free and independent media’ – I call it capitalist, interest laden bullshit that needs to be regulated.


You bet I have lodged a formal complaint with the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance and you should too.


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About Saúl A. Zavarce

Venezuelan-Australian journalist and international relations academic.

2 responses to “Just a reminder: The Herald Sun is contemptible bullshit not worth the paper it is printed on”

  1. Peter says :

    The MEAA Code of Ethics only applies to journalist members of the union. No sanctions can be applied to non-members. That is a job for the Press COuncil

    • Saúl A. Zavarce says :

      I was aware of the MEAA only applying to members but had no way to find out if Anthony Galloway is a member. Thanks for the heads up with the press council!

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