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Women Warriors of America Latina


From 1970 to 1999 leftist guerrilla groups proliferated throughout America Latina engaging in “New Wars” of decentralised violence that differed from traditional forms of warfare. This essay seeks to investigate how, if at all, traditional gender roles have been disrupted during and after these conflicts. Using Standpoint Feminist theory to track the experiences of women in the recruitment, duration and aftermath of the conflict, attention will be brought to how gender is and has been constructed within these contexts, specifically in El Salvador where high rates of female participation translated into the greatest opportunity for significant disruption. The findings suggest that while guerrillas present a significant disruption to traditional gender roles, this disruption is largely forgotten post-conflict, yet there is the potential for greater female political representation to be integrated into post-conflict governance.

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Just a reminder: The Herald Sun is contemptible bullshit not worth the paper it is printed on


Duncan Storrar the man who dared to ask a politician a question on national television has been faced with a targeted campaign by Murdoch media to tarnish his image and brand him a “villain” and is now on suicide watch as a result. Read More…