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The media turns a blind eye to new Victorian rape law


Where is Australia’s “If you see something, say something.” campaign for sexual violence and domestic abuse?

Rape & Sexual Assault

Comment by Saúl A. Zavarce

In the typical mad rush by state governments to pass as many laws as they can prior to election, Victoria is tying up loose ends, passing as many of the least problematic laws it can.

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Fractures in Victoria’s multiculturalism face cross party solidarity


Ministers Matthew Guy and Telmo Languiller with members of the ICV and ECCV

Written by Saúl A. Zavarce

Victoria has never been more culturally diverse than it is now. At the 2011 census, 46.8% were either born overseas or had at least one parent who was.

We have a great tradition of celebrating this diversity. Just yesterday Tullamarine Airport celebrated Diwali, a major Hindu festival to commemorate the return of Lord Rama from his 14 years of exile, and next month the Johnston Street Festival, now in its 36th consecutive year, will celebrate Victoria’s Latin American community.

In one sense, we’re lucky to have such a vibrant community without populist politicians like Geert Wilders, who has made waves internationally and even here regarding his strong opposition to multiculturalism and Islam. Victoria however, as with any multicultural society still faces issues and challenges in promoting and fostering this diverse community.

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Thomas Pogge argues that our obligations to the poor are largely negative. Explain what he means by this, and what evidence he produces in favour of the claim. Are his arguments compelling?

Thomas Pogge argues that our obligations to the poor are largely negative. In this essay I will focus on his arguments around the differentiation between omissions and acts which he uses to support this point.

I disagree with Thomas Pogge’s thesis that we are only obligated to help those of whom we are implicated in their poverty.

I will argue this point first by explaining Pogge’s argument around omissions and acts. Second I will visit Neera Chandhoke’s criticism of the idea by using Venezuela’s poverty problem as a case study of poverty not caused by the affluent west. Finally I will then present my own view of how to best approach the discussion of rights with positive duties.

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