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Presentation statement on class antagonisms

In 1848 when the Communist Manifesto was written, the pitfalls of a market based economy where already apparent to some thinkers of the time. Ideas such as what fuelled the We Are The 99%, “Occupy” movement of 2011, where already articulated through the communist manifesto. In this report I will examine the idea of class antagonisms and why in modern society it is hard to make clear these class distinctions.

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Debate – Second negative speaker for “Private property is the foundation of freedom”

Private property is not the foundation of freedom. Whilst it in many ways can facilitate, and help in the acquisition of an individual’s dreams, it is simply not the foundation to their ability to chase their dreams. Because before one can have the ability to flourish as an individual, they must be born. Birth is thus the foundation of freedom, for it is what comes before the concept of private property. Birth determines whether or not we are born into a family which has the resources to grant the individual what they seek, and grow to desire in life. This is immediately relevant to the debate as class thus becomes the determining factor to freedom.

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